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I'm sure the question meant N5a, which have been mentioned as having Duryea underframes. The other questionable cabin is the N5d that supposedly had some other kind of cushion underframe.

As far as the eight N5f cabins, I'm still trying to find out when they were rebuilt.

Lou Whiteley

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Correct, The N8 was built with the Duryea underframe with a 16-inch extention IIRC. I am sure it made life a whole lot better for the guys in the rear end... I am not aware of any other cabin with Duryea underframe, but for some reason the N5f sends of smoke signals... worthy of digging deeper because I know that Rob doesn't have the construction card for that cabin (I've looked before).

Greg Martin

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Phil Marcus asked:
"I remember reading somewhere that PRR cabooses Na and N8 had Duryea
or some other design of cushioned underframe. Can anyone confirm
and/or expand on this information?"

Class NA - definitely not. These 19th century cars well predated the
Duryea Cushion Underframe. What source stated that these cars had

I'll check on Class N8 this evening after work. As for other freight
cars, the Pennsy didn't experiment with cushioned underframes until
1954, when they took delivery of the 20 Class X48 PS-1 boxcars and
rebuilt 100 Class X29E, both with Pullman-Standard proprietary
cushioned underframes.

Ben Hom

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