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The simple answer is that you can do any one of the four things you've
In fact I would suggest that you try all 4 and figure out the one you
prefer the best,
For what it's worth I've really come to like the Scalecoat clear
products, both the flat and the gloss.
Pierre Oliver

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I'm still learning about using the airbrush to paint cars, and still
discovering the various paint manufacturers and their products. In
a recent
effort, I tried out some Floquil colours and really liked the way
the paint
went on. But now I'm wanting to decal the cars, and realise I need
a glossy
surface to have the decals adhere well. (or is that right?)

I could have mixed in Floquil's gloss to the base coat but didn't
this first effort. So I'm left with spraying a clear overcoat of
gloss, and
have done enough reading to be confused. The options seem to be:
1) stick to the floquil products, and use their gloss coat....
2) use testors gloss coat
3) use some other manufacturer's gloss coat
4) use Future floor finish as a gloss coat.
Actually the Future idea kind of appeals to me from my reading about
it on
the web. But I want to have a sense of the risks andeasy of use
with other products before soing something that seems as
experimental as
using the Future.

Thanks for any comments,

Rob Kirkham

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