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I am considering the origin. Except for the phrase " Plain Keystone (black car) was applied starting in July 1956", which I took to be a reference to equpment not painted Freight Car Color - there was some - I thought Bill's post was reasonably accurate.

I know Bill Navari and trust me, he does know the difference know the difference between a boxcar and a HOPPER. While I can't condone his attack on Ben, the reverse is also true.

And theoretically, THIS thread is still about boxcars, though it seems to have wandered off a bit...

Bill Schneider

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Bill Schneider wrote:
> Ok Guys, let's tone it down a bit. This has gotten way off base.

True. But consider the origin.

> Ben - he didn't specifically say "boxcar" in his post, though it may
> have been implied, and circa 1954 would be about right for black
> keystones on, say, covered hoppers, would it not?

Um, Bill, the thread was about box cars. If Mr. Navari did not
know the distinction between box and HOPPER cars, that makes his
information even worse for accuracy.

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