Re: Gloss coat for decalling


Tim and Mont:
I have made my share of mistakes with Future, and had some satisfying
successes. In between those two outcomes, I've found you can repair
a botched Future job by swabbing local overthickened areas or sags
with a clean cloth wetted with isopropyl alcohol. For a long-ago
finished job you might want need to settle the swab on and let it
steep for a while. Of course it's best to avoid the need, but one of
the less-recognized virtues of Future is that you do have a shot at
re-working local areas like this and successfully regrading the
blemish repair into the surrounding finish.

I haven't tried media blasting, but judging by the nature of the
material that might work well too.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

--- In, Mont Switzer <mhts_switzerm@...> wrote:


Looks like you do not have anything to loose here so why not try a
light media blast of the heavy area. The stipper jar will still be
there if you don't like the results.

Mont Switzer

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