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don't understand why my message this MORNING did not get through
on this subject. I think PRR built H-39 coal hoppers in 1956 that were
painted BLACK and did not have "shadow keystones" (or if they did, the
car was the same color as the shadow). I think this is clearly what Bill
Navari (or the vendor, probably Bowser) was talking about, even if it was
not a strictly thread-compliant observation.


Construction of the first H39 (the only one with a heap shield) was begun in
late 1958. It is listed as a new class in the Oct 1958 ORER with no cars in
service. Nevertheless, it was painted black with a plain Keystone and
Pennsylvania spelled out. IIRC the H37 was the first class of hoppers painted
black as new cars. I can't get to John Teichmuller's book on PRR hoppers at the
moment to check.

Rich Orr

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