Re: Gloss coat for decalling


If you airbrush Future, I suggest you try shooting it at very low air
pressure, I like 12-15 psi, as with most acrylic paints. Then it goes
on wet and self-levels nicely. If you shoot it at higher air pressure
than this you can get the eggshell effect--I guess perhaps because a
lot of droplets are dessicated and partly granulated before they hit
the surface. They don't entirely level before the coat dries....and
it dries fast.

Also, when you spray Future on with suitably light passes it won't
seem to be doing anything much when sprayed over a very flat paint,
until suddenly on the third pass or so you get enough coverage that
the sheen sets and stays. Applied right, I think I can get a thinner
decal-ready high-gloss surface with Future than with other finishes I
have tried (previously I used mostly thinned Testors Glosscote, but
tried some others).

It's ideal to let it set up longer, but if you need to push it, at
least in my climate, you can decal over a Future finish within 2 hours
of laying it down. You can get clouding of the finish sometimes
doing this, but it is temporary and clears up within a few hours.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

--- In, "Jay Bingham" <j.bingham@...> wrote:

Frank's post was very informative as have been all the posts on the
subject. My own experience with Future was that it did not seem to be
sufficiently "glossy" to improve the decal application.

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