Made the switch... Red Caboose Southern Ry 37 AAR auto box question


Well, I've taken the plunge and switched from TT to HO (the reasons are
many, but most importantly, that it will be easier to achieve the level of
accuracy I'd like in HO than TT), though starting small, just with a
single kit.

I got the Red Caboose double-door 1937 AAR box, Southern #272123. I've
only got in my digital files one builders' photo of one of these, and am
wondering if anyone could give me some tips on making this model as
accurate as possible. At a recommendation from a friend at the shop, I got
the Tichy AB brake set.

I guess my biggest question is how accurate is this kit as it is out of
the box, and what could be done to make it as accurate as possible. I
notice that the kit comes with a wooden running board, but a metal
brakestep; what is correct? Also, that the trucks look somewhat different
in the builders' photo than those that are in the kit. Trucks aren't my
strong point, though, so I can't name by name what I see in the photo.

Any input or suggestions would be appreciated!

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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