Re: [SOUmodeler] Made the switch... Red Caboose Southern Ry 37 AA...


It would appear that the Red Caboose model could be a good starting point
for CN double door box cars in the 587150-587399 range. However, I was
just on
the Red Caboose web site and could find no reference to any car with a
Hutchins roof. Is the Southern car currently available? Walt Cox
I looked at their website last night as well, and did not see the kit that
I bought. The addendum sheet packed with the kit has a date of 2/96
printed on it, so it's possible that this kit is long since discontinued
and was a dust gathering device at the shop, until this (the only?)
Southern modeler in Vancouver switched to HO and bought it.

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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