Re: Axle length for Tahoe Model Archbar and Dalman trucks

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Here are my test results for the Tahoe two-level Dalman trucks. The numbers given are the number of free "rolls" observed on the Reboxx Rolltester with a variety of .088" wheel sets.

1) Reboxx 1.010" axle length: 23, 21, 23. Superior.
2) Reboxx 1.015" axle length: 17, 17, 18. Very good.
3) Intermountain (1.012" axle length): 19, 19, 18. Very Good.
4) NWSL (1.008"-1.013" axle length): Stopped down grade on first roll. Unsatisfactory.

Although I have experienced some poor performing NWSL wheel sets before, I have never observed this situation where the truck refused to roll at all. I then reamed all bearings with the "Tool", but with the only improvement being that the truck now did go to the bottom, start up the other side, and stop upgrade and stay several inches beyond the middle. I can only speculate that Brian Lippert may have engineered these trucks specifically to use the IM and Reboxx wheel sets with their very thin axle ends, perhaps inadvertently creating a situation where wheel sets with more conventional thicker axle ends (as in NWSL) will encounter trouble. Brian can certainly comment on this.

Anyway, these tests confirm Brian's earlier comments. The IM axles, commonly available, will do just fine. The Reboxx 1.010" axles, if you have them, will give superior results. The NWSL wheel sets are likely to be disappointing.



Denny S. Anspach, MD

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