Re: Atlas ICC 105 tank ANPX 122

Ed Hawkins

On Nov 14, 2007, at 10:48 AM, John Hile wrote:

I have been able to confirm the 1951 built date from Richard
Hendrickson's article in the July 2003 Railmodel Journal. In that
article, there is a photo (Bob's/Col. Chet McCoid) of ANPX 120 and
Richard's caption gives the built date. The photo was taken Sept.
1957, and the scheme matches that on the Atlas model.

My January 1953 ORER, however, does not list an ANPX number series
that would include these cars. There are several listings for ICC
105A300W tanks, but they are in the 2010 to 3570 range and vary in
capy from 10,500 gal to 11,014 gal.

So, my questions are:
1) When new in 1951, did these cars carry the same paint scheme?
2) When new, what number did this car (or cars in this lot) carry?
The photo of ANPX 120 has a build date of 5-51. It was built by AC&F
and it generally matches the Atlas model (as close as the model
allows). I can say with certainty that AC&F didn't build the car for
Anchor Petroleum.

AC&F lot 3553 was 200 cars for Sunray Oil Co. (SUYX 101-300). I have
never been able to locate the AC&F builder's photo for this series of
cars. The AC&F bill of materials for this lot number provides
information only on the underframe and trucks. Your 1/53 ORER likely
lists the SUYX 101-300 series cars. Sometime between 1/53 and the 4/55,
the cars became ANPX 101-300. I don't have immediate access to any
ORERs in between, so perhaps others can help pinpoint when the change
was made. Hope this helps answer your question.
Ed Hawkins

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