Re: True Line Trains HO Scale Canadian Prewar AAR Boxcars

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on these models, especially
Rob Kirkham who provided details on the necessary modifications to
bting these cars up to snuff. I have to say that I'm disappointed -
for a list price of $44.20, one shouldn't have to do so many
corrections, including stripping and repainting the car. The
comments by some regarding the ladder stand-off distance is
especially ludicrous - "...they suggest it was because the mounting
pins could not be cast through if mounted closer to the ends" is a
poor excuse, especially in light of the fact that Kadee seems to
have no problem executing this detail.

Frankly, I'm not impressed by the last three mass-run Canadian
boxcar models (the other two were the Herpa/Trains Canada NSC-3 end
postwar boxcars and the Life-Like of Canada Dominion (Fowler)
boxcar). All three fill significant holes, and the execution of all
three models has been disappointing, especially given their price.
(My interst in these cars is that we need more than a few of these
cars for the NEB&W, a fact borne out by analysis of the shifting
lists in Armand's collection.)

I concur with Pierre's assessment - for the time being, I've got
plenty of Sylvan parts and will continue to follow Stafford Swain's
RMC article to do these cars.

Ben Hom

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