Re: Atlas ICC 105 tank ANPX 122

Ed Hawkins

On Nov 15, 2007, at 1:54 PM, John Hile wrote:

I found one other photo of an Anchor LPG car in an NMRA book of clinic
presentations from the 1990 Pittsburgh Convention. Richard gave a
presentation on tank cars, and on p.102 is a photo of ANPX 2660 (Geo.
Sisk/C. Winters) with a built date noted as 1946, but no photo date.
This is being answered separately since I had to do more digging to
figure this one out. ANPX 2660 was built by AC&F in 4-5-48 (not 4-46).
The stencils are difficult to tell apart a "6" and "8."

The car had originally been delivered to Dade Gas Company. The original
reporting marks and car number areas show a rectangular area where the
original DGX reporting marks and car numbers were painted out.

The ANPX 2660 was likely the original DGX 100, one of two cars numbered
100 and 110, built by AC&F as lot number 3195. The builder's photo of
DGX 110 was built 5-48 and carried the same paint scheme as the ANPX
2660. The dome and top of the casing and heads were painted aluminum.
The very bottom of the jacket was black (hard to see in the photo and
lower than on the ANPX 120 photo). Also black underframe and trucks.
Black stencils over aluminum and white stencils over black.

The George Sisk photo has stencils on the side sill "RPKD 8 10 49" on
the top line and HTG - SAL on the second line. The HTG could possibly
be MTG, can't tell for sure. Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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