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Roger that, Larry, but that doesn't excuse the paint and lettering
screwups on these models.

At least we don't need many cars with the combination of NSC-1 ends and
Murphy flat panel ends. This combination was only used on 700 cars out of a total
of 19,215 1937 pattern AAR 10' hgt. boxcars. Hopefully this will be a
learning experience as TLC does seem to be trying to get things right. I was not
aware of a problem with the paint and the screwup with the lettering was due to
a proofreaders oversight and the fact that the lettering was copied directly
from an accurate decal sheet which the factory did not realize had to be cut
up in order to be properly spaced. The same sort of problems that affected
the quality of early Korean brass.
Let's hope that they can get it right the next time around since many more
cars of the other combinations are needed.
Walt Cox
(Longtime CN modeler)

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