Re: True Line Trains HO Scale Canadian Prewar AAR Boxcars


I was kinda hoping to get a car or two for my use. But listening to the
complaints about the Paint, detail,
Cant do it ?? cant get it right ?
Reminds me that TLT even Blew it on there 5 AX C-Liner. Wrong Paint Wrong
detail (for US Roads)
Wrong lettering.
They say there "Experts" Got it right ?? But "Our" Experts were promised
"Test shots" to check out the model, paint, Detail, And Nothing. Not a word
from TLT. Till it came out.???
Why be in a Rush to bring out a product that isn't close then Blame
everybody else for there mistakes.
Doesn't the box say "Quality Beyond Compare"??
The Body , Trucks, Frame "except where the 6 wheel truck is" ALL match the
P1K ??
If they are about Quality, Why not make the correct truck sideframe for the
rear?? Why use a PA-DL109 sideframe ??
Guess I will do another kit instead. TLT hasn't shone me anything.

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