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Roger that, Larry, but that doesn't excuse the paint and lettering
screwups on these models.
I must take some responsibility for the lettering mixup on the 40'
TLT boxcars. I had just finished the steel frame SS 40' car decal
set. It was hurry-up offence with 2 weeks to send 12 copies of
lettering. Different leaves, different dates, 2 different cars -
NSC1 & flat roof and NSC2 & raised pnl roof. I did the simplest
thing and took the decal artwork and pasted it on a boxcar drawing.
I made a couple of mistakes with the lettering:
1. The CN on the door is only on the SS box cars. It must be removed.
2. The space between the reporting marks and the capy block was 6 "
too small. Some railroads have the smaller space (CPR). The factory
sometimes put the lettering with the capy block located correctly
and sometimes the reporting marks were correctly seemingly at random.
Both of the above mistakes were missed by Stafford Swaine and
TLT "experts".
3. Someone between myself and the end product added a 10'6" car
number to the mix.
I never demanded to see the test shots or paints. The first
completed car I saw was a my LHS as it was going out the door.

And what's wrong with the paint?

Another 12 CN numbers have been commissioned with 1 & 2 corrected.
TLT will also have the CN caboose out in a short while and the CV
and DWP lettering are bogus for that car, they wanted to make some
money I guess.

Allen Ferguson

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