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Do you think we could strong-arm Mr Black Cat into making a "definitive" set? Allen mentioned to me at Naperville that he is looking for some sets to work up in his "spare" time. A set of instructions on what to fix on the Atlas car would be a nice addendum.
My 2 cents....
Joe Binish

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I have a decorated Atlas car that I flat coated and weathered. Still
enough. One day(in the future) I will strip, repaint and decal. The
looks really good if you scrape off the grabs around the dome and
with wire grabs.
I've considered the same rememdy, but currently there are no accurate
decals for the Warren cars; the old Champ set is seriously lame.
Another problem with all of the Atlas ICC-105s is that there are
riveted strips under the running boards on each side, somewhat offset
from center, which weren't on the prototype cars and have to be
removed., I was puzzled for awhile about why these were there and then
I realized that the die maker (presumably Chinese) misinterpreted the
prototype photos and thought the riveted flanges of the center anchor
were underneath the running boards. Of course, the model therefore has
no center anchor, so that needs to be added as well. Most other
manufacturers would have caught this obvious error, but Atlas is
notorious for mistakes of this kind (e.g., the bolster blunder on the
Roger-Hart Convertible ballast hopper models).

Richard Hendrickson

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