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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Jim ? writes:

"Why be in a Rush to bring out a product that isn't close then Blame
everybody else for there mistakes.
Doesn't the box say "Quality Beyond Compare"??
The Body , Trucks, Frame "except where the 6 wheel truck is" ALL match the
P1K ??
If they are about Quality, Why not make the correct truck sideframe for the
rear?? Why use a PA-DL109 sideframe ??
Guess I will do another kit instead. TLT hasn't shone me anything."

OK. The point here is not to beat up on Jim but to point out a few STMFC rule violations and a slight change to one. First, there is the long standing rule that members MUST sign with their full names. Second, note the STMFC rule:

"Personal attacks on other members is expressly prohibited and may result in
expulsion from the group."

That rule is now changed to:

"Personal attacks on other members or MANUFACTURERS is expressly prohibited and may result in
expulsion from the group."

Note the additional STMFC rule:

"Members are permitted to criticize or praise manufacturer's products free
from criticism from other members. Criticism of a manufacturer's business
practices is, however, not within the scope of the group."

The STMFC was founded for, among other reasons, to provide the means for members to determine the truth regarding the authenticity of models of steam era frt cars. Hence, members are permitted...even comment about the accuracy of a model with reference to the model's actual prototype...or lack thereof. Thus, for example, if a model of a USRA 40 ft DS box car lacks a detail that a modeler believes to be important, the modeler is free to comment on it. The name of the manufacturer certainly may be included along with the model's description. At the same time, another modeler may not believe the missing detail is important and might praise the model. Bot modelers are free from criticism from other modelers. Members of the STMFC will exercise their own judgement as to the authenticity based on the modeler's comments and other information.

The STMFC is NOT, however, a forum to criticize a manufacturer's goals, practices, or achievements. Thus, if "Great Model Trains" [ a fictitious name if you're curious ] produces a model of a USRA box car of less quality than that which a modeler might deem that it should, so be it. The modeler is DEFINITELY permitted to note the lack of quality in the model but the STMFC is NOT a forum to criticize the manufacturer for producing such a model. The market will take the necessary action in support of products of outstanding quality and penalize those that are not of such quality. It is not necessary...and, in fact, it is prohibited on the STMFC criticize or attack a manufacturer for producing a model of less quality than a modeler might perceive required.

Mike Brock

Jim's message contains several critical references to TLT's business practices.

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