Re: True Line Trains HO Scale Canadian Prewar AAR Boxcars

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The problem from where I sit is that it isn't painted but cast in
somewhat the correct colour. Giving the whole car a toy like
It makes me fear for the upcoming cabooses.
Pierre Oliver
The way I understand it is that TLT's (chinese) factory doesn't want
to paint the delerin parts-Ladders and for the caboose steps &
platform. That's what modelflex paints are good for. Some things just
don't seem to translate to Chinese. Delerin is great for those parts
as it's much stronger than normal styrene or resin. I'm hoping that a
shot of dullcoat and a little dust weathering over the caboose will be
all that's needed. I fear too, as I've pre ordered a bunch of each
caboose, unlettered, and will be selling them with my decals. calling
them semi-decorated.:-).
Allen Ferguson

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