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I do hope that as True Line learns this business and (in my opinion)
continues to incrementally improve its products from one project to
next, they continue to use this same paint/ink for the lettering.
In fact,
I'd like it if every manufacturer would learn that secret and follow

Rob Kirkham
I think it's a function of the lettering being an ink as opposed to a
paint. Most manufactures use rubber stamp type lettering and use ink.
When I visited Athearn's facility thats what they were doing but they
also used the ink to "paint" a contrasting colour on a battery box
under a diesel's raised portion of walkway rather than masking and
painting. They also double stamped some colours. You might find that
striping is also done with ink and then lettering inked on top of the
Who in North America knows what the formula the Chinese are using for
their paints on our freight cars(had to add the freight car content),
Mattel doesn't for their toys.
Allen Ferguson

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