Re: Making Model parts through Rapid Prototyping, was "Gloss coat for decalling"

Jeff English


Commercial models are available made using the rapid prototyping
technique. The outfit is called Smoky Mountain Model Works and is
run by Jim King. Jim was making O-scale models but was unhappy with
the degree of support from the O-scale community and switched over to
S-scale about a year ago. He has also made some HO products under
contract to others; the one that comes to mind is a SOU gondola
(which was also the prototype of his first S-scale product)

Tom Madden gave a clinic at Naperville a couple of years ago. While
RP is slick, there is a huge learning curve to making good models
using this technique, and at this point only somebody whose job gives
them access to the equipment (as Jim King has) can economically use
it for making models.

Hope this helps -

Jeff English
Troy, New York

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Group members,

Based on this and other comments about the current issue of Fine
Scale Modeler I purchased a copy to learn about using Future for a
gloss decaling finish. What I found more intersting was an article
about developing parts using CAD and online 3D printing to get the
part delievered to your door. It appears expensive, but a great
chance to get that one part you need. Has anyone used a similar
process to get steam era freight car parts developed?

Bruce D. Griffin
Summerfield, NC

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The current issue of Finescale Modeler has an insert on air-
brushing of
acrylic paints (but I will still stick with Floquil) and an
the use of Future. In reading past articles in Finescale Modeler,
seems that Future is the primary choice for plane, automobile,
modelers. I haven't used it yet in an airbrush but have brush
painted it
on just portions of wood models to allow for decaling and it
fine. I'm sure that it won't hurt the Floquil. You need to be
only if applying a heavy coat of a lacquer-based paint (such as
over an enamel or water-based paint...

Jack Burgess

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