Re: Tank Car Co. names beginning with Sun.

Robert <riverob@...>

Could it be Sun Oil Company, later Sunoco?

Robert Simpson

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Hello ,
I've been trying to identify an early rivetted tank car
that has only part of it's original company name left on it's upper
side.The name as I can best make out begins with the word SUN in dark
8 to 10 inch Roman print and ends with the words OIL COMPANY in the
same style.It appears as if the dome may have been silver and also
the upper tank,as a little of the original paint exists on the tanks
top surfaces.There is some smaller lettering stenciled on the cars
lower sides ,which is approx. 3 to 4 inchs high and reads LOS ANGELIS
while further along the cars side in similar print are the name
With all the recent posts on Atlas tank car 105 lately and
several mentions of California oil companies having the name SUN in
them ,hopefully someone could help identify this one.
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