Re: Tank Car Co. names beginning with Sun.

Doug Rhodes

The short answer is yes - it was the Canadian subsidiary of Union Oil of California, active mostly in the 1930s and 1940s and its British Columbia operation was closely intertwined with that of Imperial Oil (Esso etc)

A great resource for tracking reporting marks is run by Ian Cranstone at The listings for UOKX are at and show the following:

UOKX Union Oil Co. of Canada, Ltd. (Union Oil Co. of California)7/1930-7/1932
UOKX Union Oil Co. of Canada, Ltd.7/1937-1/1945
UOKX British American Oil Co. Ltd.1/1946-4/1947

BA acquired assets of Union Oil Co. of Canada after WW2, including the location on Burrard Inlet (Unocan) that became Britamoco, so that last line makes sense in that regard.

Is your photo at an accessible location? I'd be interested to have a close look at it.

Doug Rhodes

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Slightly related, in that it is tank cars: I have a photo of a tank car
marked "Union Oil Co of Canada, Vancouver, BC", UOKX 10010. Did this have
anything to do with the Union Oil Co of California? I don't know the date
of the photo, but it is on archbar trucks. Does anyone have an idea around
what time this may have been? UOKX is not listed in 1953 ORER... was it
listed previously?

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC


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