Re: Tank Car Co. names beginning with Sun.


The short answer is yes - it was the Canadian subsidiary of Union Oil of
California, active mostly in the 1930s and 1940s and its British Columbia
operation was closely intertwined with that of Imperial Oil (Esso etc)

A great resource for tracking reporting marks is run by Ian Cranstone at The listings for UOKX are at and show the following:
Thanks for that; answered a question on another tank car photo I have
(NSOX 328) - North Star Oil was absorbed into Shell Canada.

Is your photo at an accessible location? I'd be interested to have a close
look at it.
I can send you a copy if you want - I have digital copy from the original.
I've also got photos of the NSOX cars as mentioned, as well as several IOX
cars (2031, 4154, 4253, 4280, 6032), CGTX 63844 (?? number is hard to make
out), COBX 1986, EBAX 326, PQCX 104 and UTLX 228.

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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