Hills Brothers Coffee Car

Nick Gray <nagray@...>

I know I am going to regret this and will probably end up tossing it in my pile of things that I chop up and use for other projects. But I couldn't resist it.

The car is a Train-Miniature Hills Brothers Coffee Car, HBCX #161. Other data indicates Blt 3-30 and N&W 3-32 I think. There is no date on the box or instructions but it appears to be 20-30 years old.

First question is on authenticity. I recalled seeing that Micro- trains had one of these in n-scale. I would guess there must be some basis for this car. Does anyone have any information they would like to share?

Second question is on Viability of the project. So far the only things obviously other worth saving are the large decal, the rather decent paint and the body structure. Does someone make a decal out there. If I want this car as a detailing/rebuild project. Would it be better to start over from scratch?

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