Western Refrigerator 9000-series Lessor ??

Bob Lucas

A partial view of 40' wood reefer WRX #9048 appears in a photo posted
on STMFC (see AC&Y ex-P&N boxcars). I had not noticed the Western
Refrigerator Lines Reefer before. The photo was taken by Ed Kirstatter
at AC&Y's East Akron yard in 1959. Curious if there are records for
the ca 1950's lessors of WRX 9000-series reefers... who leased WRX
#9048? No other identification is visible except the end reporting
marks. WRX #9048 has pale yellow sides with freight car red ends and
roof. Note Accurail and Branchline both offer WRX 9000-series reefers
(Green Bay & Western, lessor) in a grey scheme.

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