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michael bishop <goldrod_1@...>

Just give them a call and explain what you need. I have done this in the past and they are great to work with.

cobrapsl@... wrote:
?Just give them a call and they should sell to you. You need to have the kit instruction sheet in front of you so you can give them THEIR exact kit and sprue number.?

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

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Sent: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 7:02 pm
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I'm trying to find out how I can order Intermountain Parts. I need
several sprues of the new HO scale FGE detail parts, especially the
ladders for several FGE and Nx reefer projects. I checked their web site
and the FGE parts are not listed. Does anyone know if they are available?


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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