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Yes, LP gas would have been a better term. My fictional Sacramento Northern Pennington Branch will include a fuel dealer, and was thinking LP gas would be an appropriate product. Mind you, I have no evidence of such cars on the SN, but it is very likely that by the late 1950s there were dealers that would have received by rail. I remember LP gas or propane being delivered by truck in northern California when I was growing up in the 1950s. Since I am concentrating on SHPX and UTLX regular tank cars, I think I will look for those road names among the Atlas 105s.

Thanks much for sharing your research.

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Garth G. Groff

John Hile wrote:

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Besides California Despatch, what other roadnames of the Atlas ICC 105 tank might have been seen in California in natural gas service?

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I assumes when you said "natural gas" you meant products of natural
gas such as LPG. I have been researching California industries in an
effort to build a reasonable freight car fleet for the Santa Fe's
Valley Division late '52 to mid '53. Here is the little I have so far
on LPG cars beyond those mentioned by Richard...

The Sunray Oil Corp (SUYX) lists ICC105A300W's in the 1/53 ORER and
shows a "home point" for cars as Santa Maria, CA (Santa Maria Vy RR) The Atlas cars are SHPX and leased to Sunray, but I have not
researched these cars yet, nor determined what products originated for
Sunray at Santa Maria.

Anchor Petroleum Co (ANPX) has ICC105A300W's in the 1/53 ORER and
lists one of their home points as Gulf, CA (Sunset Ry). I still have
to determine what products Anchor produced at the Gulf, CA facility,
but significant natural gas and petroleum deposits were found in Kern
Co. See Ed's posts in response to my inquiries on these Atlas cars.
Pacific Gas Corp leased cars from Republic Tank Car Co (RTCX) and
Kaminski's ACF tank book has photos on p 174, 175 of RTCX cars leased
to Pacific, but (at a minimum) the lettering styles/schemes are
different than any of the Atlas RTCX models. One of my sources shows
Pacific with a gas field in Kern County, circa 1949.

That source (Mineral Commodities of California, 1950) lists the
largest of the 74 operating CA gas processing plants as of the close
of 1948. The LPG plants are:

Standard Oil of CA at Kettleman Hills (UTLX)
Ohio Oil Co at South Coles Levee
General Petroleum Corp at Athens
Western Gulf Oil Co at Paloma

Perhaps others on the list may know what cars (if any) the other
companies may have used.

Hope this helps,

John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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