Re: Making Model parts through Rapid Prototyping, was "Gloss coat for decalling"

Rod Miller

Pacific Locomotive Works in San Jose, CA

makes custom parts using the RP process. The web page explains
the process. Of interest is that once a drawing has been made
it can be scaled to any size, thus an O scale driver drawing
is usable in any other scale (ignoring the question of whether
the printing process can replicate things like letters and
numbers in say, Z scale).

The air hose hangar bracket that was a recent thread here might
be an easy but effective place to start.


bdg1210 wrote:

Group members,
Based on this and other comments about the current issue of Fine Scale Modeler I purchased a copy to learn about using Future for a gloss decaling finish. What I found more intersting was an article about developing parts using CAD and online 3D printing to get the part delievered to your door. It appears expensive, but a great chance to get that one part you need. Has anyone used a similar process to get steam era freight car parts developed?
Bruce D. Griffin
Summerfield, NC

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