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Russ Strodtz <railfreightcars@...>


While I have no comment on their similarity to PFE equipment
I can say that after going through hundreds of 1959 train
consists I have only found one instance where an IC car was
used for what certainly was PFE loading. While PFE loaded just
about any car that had ice hatches the IC must have worked
hard to keep their's on-line.

Russ Strodtz

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I learned from Richard Hendrickson in Naperville that the IC had R-40-10
clones. I see that Intermountain has also done PFE R-40-23 cars in an IC
scheme. Are these correct too? Is there a definitive source on IC steel
reefers, an ICHS back issue?
Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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