Re: Western Refrigerator 9000-series Lessee

Jerry <jrs060@...>

No Richard, your wrong. Northwestern Refrigerator Line (NWX) was
NOT a subsidiary of the C&NW, although it was closely-allied with
the C&NW and provided refrigerator car for them. It's ownership
passed to North American Car Company in 1946, not in the 1960's as
you stated. The herald that NWX used on it's cars is indeed the
C&NW ball and bar style, but it is not a C&NW herald, and should
not be confused with it.


Jerry Stewart

Woodstock, Illinois

--- In STMFC@..., Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...>

A small correction. WRX was a subsidiary of the Northwestern
Refrigerator Line, which was in turn a subsidiary of the Chicago &
Northwestern Rwy. WRX was formed for the purpose of leasing NWX-
reefers to the Green Bay & Western. In the 1960s ownership of the
Northwestern Refrigerator Line was acquired by the North American Car
Corp., and North American leased the NWX cars back to the C&NW.

Richard Hendrickson

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