Re: Western Refrigerator 9000-series Lessee

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Jerry Stewart wrote:
The herald that NWX used on it's cars is indeed the C&NW ball and bar style, but it is not a C&NW herald, and should not be confused with it.
Well, Jerry, it's the same color and size, says "NorthWestern" along the bar as does the C&NW emblem, and on many cars even has "N.W.X." in a small bar underneath, exactly like the little bar which says "C.&N.W." on the C&NW cars. In the circle above the bar, it says "Refrigerator" and underneath, "Line" whereas the C&NW version substitutes only the word "The" in place of "Refrigerator." Obviously it's an emblem for the refrigerator operation, but mirrors in all possible respects the C&NW herald. You will have to go a ways to convince me that this is a coincidence.

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