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Is anyone aware of any photos, memories, plats, or train or industry
lists that would give some indication as to what destinations in
California and via what roads the Warren cars went?

Olin Dirks
Omaha NE

I have the following regarding the "distribution and utilization" of
California's liquefied petroleum gases resources circa 1948:
"Liquefied petroleum gases are sold for fuel, chemical raw materials,
and components of synthetic rubber. More than two-thirds of the
butane is used for rubber; most of the balance for domestic and
industrial fuel. Most of the propane is used in domestic and
industrial fuel; some also in the manufacture of rubber."

Although this information refers to use of products created within the
state, CA was experiencing a deficit of natural gas in the late 40's
and thus likely too a deficit of products produced from natural gas.
Texas produced nearly half of the national total of LP gases, and had
over half of the national natural-gas liquid reserves, so Warren
ICC-105's heading to California makes sense.

Circa 1955 in Fresno I have an business directory with 8 liquified
petroleum gas or butane gas suppliers listed. Six mentioning both
butane and propane in their listing, one only mentioning butane. Some
offered truck, tractor or pump conversions.

John Hile
Blacksburg VA

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