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Jerry <jrs060@...>

My dear fellow, it surpises me that you did not know this. The
ownership of NWX is an old mid-westerners trick quistion!
As you have already answered yourself about the similarities and
differences in the heralds, will just point you to the ownership
references. The most informative artical to me (sorry Clark I have
not read the Northwestern Lines artical) was the story of North-
western Rifrigerator Line that appeared in the December 1988 issue
of RMC on page #88 by Joe Follmar. But if you are lazy, like me most
of the time, you can find a thumbnail of the company on Wikipedia.
As I said, it was privately owened and not a subsidiary of the
C&NW railroad.
Now were did I put that holiday music CD, Amos Milburn with the
Chicken Shack Boogie. It's around here someplace?

Holiday Regards,

Jerry Stewart

Woodstock, Illinois

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Jerry Stewart wrote:
The herald that NWX used on it's cars is indeed the C&NW ball and
style, but it is not a C&NW herald, and should not be confused
Well, Jerry, it's the same color and size,
says "NorthWestern"
along the bar as does the C&NW emblem, and on many cars even has
"N.W.X." in a small bar underneath, exactly like the little bar
says "C.&N.W." on the C&NW cars. In the circle above the bar, it
"Refrigerator" and underneath, "Line" whereas the C&NW version
substitutes only the word "The" in place of "Refrigerator."
it's an emblem for the refrigerator operation, but mirrors in all
possible respects the C&NW herald. You will have to go a ways to
convince me that this is a coincidence.

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