MKT single sheathed boxcar details

Mark Heiden

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for some construction and painting information regarding
two series of MKT single sheathed boxcars.

The first cars are those from series MKT 77501-78000. They were
built in early 1923 as auto boxcars with a 10' door opening. In
1925, the auxiliary doors were removed and they were reclassified as
boxcars with a 6' door. My questions are:

1. I'm working from a broadside photo of MKT 77778 that shows a
little of the a-end. Were the b-end details the same or very similar
to cars from series MKT 76001-77500, built later the same year?

2. The photo of MKT 77778 shows an AB brake air tank mounted just
under the side of the car. Would the AB brake arrangement used on
MKT 76001-77500 be similar or the same?

3. The trucks appear to be mounted very close to the ends of the car,
like CB&Q XM-25/26 boxcars. Is this correct?

The second series of cars I'm interested in is MKT 95000-95999, built
as general service boxcars in 1925. My question is:

1. As cars came up for shopping in the early 1940s they were fitted
with AB brakes as well as painted yellow. With the outbreak of World
War Two and the associated upturn in traffic, would any cars have
been painted yellow but kept their KC brakes in order to get them out
of the shops quickly?

Any help is appreciated.

Mark Heiden

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