1894 NYC&HR Stockcar

Paul Hillman

I'm wanting to build a model of the NYC&HR double-deck Stockcar as
described in the February 1959 Model Railroader article by Don
Reschenberg. A very beautiful stock car.

But,..I'm finding it interesting about the B-end hand-rails being of
the, some kind of, way pre-OSHA, "safety-type", being elevated so
much as they are in the article & drawings.

I've never seen this type of freight-car hand-railing elsewhere, in
any plans, pictures or drawings.

I'm sure that the plans were drawn as per the prototype?

I would assume that this car remained into the 1900's.

Any comments about these roof handrails? Were they particular to the
NYC&HR, or other roads also during the early 1900's?

Are they really necessary in building the model?

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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