Re: Removing Lettering from Intermountain HO Freight Cars


Bruce, All,

I picked up a decorated, "RTR" car at Naperville for a song but it's
in the post-1951 all yellow scheme. For my era, I need the black-
trimmed "Ventilator-Refrigerator" cars. I have a few extra Sunshine
and Champ decals on hand but I need to study the photos to determine
which decals to use. I'll probably end up using a combination of

I tried to remove lettering last night using decal setting solution
with zero success. I'll try something stronger tonight. I heard a
pencil eraser might work.

I agree with your assessment on kits--that's the best way to go.
However, I have about 20 unbuilt kits and another 12-15 cars on the
workbench right now and the thought of picking up a few more kits is
a bit unsettling!


John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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On Sat, November 24, 2007 10:46 pm, John Golden wrote:

I'd like to re-letter my HO Intermountain FGE reefers.
Can anyone recommend the best way to remove the
factory-applied lettering so I can decal my way to


Buy the kits <VBG>. They are a lot more "flexible" in that they
undec, and come with all the parts including both etched and wood
boards. I'll be "backdating" a few to 1944 <G>. The only issue is
decals, and right now, I'm planning on using Martin's.

Are you relettering or just renumbering or are you changing the
paint as
well? What are you using for decals?

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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