Re: Removing Lettering from Intermountain HO Freight Cars

Greg Martin


You might consider Denatured Alcohol as an alternative to an eraser. I have used it in the past with better than avarage results and you can buy it in quarts at your local hardware store.? Appley it let is set and it should remove the lettering.

Greg Martin

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Hi John
I'd start by seeing if decal setting solution will remove them -
likely not since I'll bet the car was stamp printed when made. If
that doesn't work, try to locate an ink eraser ( the gritty one) or
an old carbon/typewriter eraser. You can then "erase" the lettering
you don't want. If you can't find these, you could glue some 600 -
1000 grit sand paper to a dowel end and create your own eraser.

Good Luck

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I'd like to re-letter my HO Intermountain FGE reefers.
Can anyone recommend the best way to remove the
factory-applied lettering so I can decal my way to


John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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