Re: Thoughts on this Rail Works PRR X31A Boxcar

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Jason Sanford asked:
"I like the look of this X31A boxcar from Railworks but how
accurately were these cars done? Do they pass or are there major
discrpencies compared to the prototype. I think there are also resin
models of this car but I don't have the time to build resin."
eBay Item #120188342329

At first glance, it looks OK, though the trust plate is a bit thick
for my taste, there are no views of the underframe to verify brake
component location, and you still buy all of the problems associated
with unpainted brass freight cars (paint/lettering, trucks that may
or may not be layout friendly, and other possible compromises needed
for operability. If you believe the characterization that brass
rolling stock is "ready to roll", I've got a bridge to sell you.)

A couple of other notes:
- The only previous HO scale resin kit for the single door Class
X31A are the long out-of-production Sunshine kits.
- If you'll reconsider your time constraints, the Class X31/X32/X33
boxcar family are the current project at PRRPro - it's worth a try,
esepcially as the base models are readily available from Bowser:

Ben Hom

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