Re: AH&D Steam Crane...

Jack Burgess <jack@...>

Hi Jack,

American Hoist and Derrick is still in business in St. Paul,
Mn. They might have plans yet.

Thanks...Robert Federle e-mailed me off-line and gave me their web address
and I plan to e-mail them about the YV crane. The biggest problem may be the
model number of the YV crane...without it (and I don't have it), they may
not be able to help. Eric Bracher of Rio Grande Models (who sells a AH&D
crane but an older version) pointed out that the Sierra Railroad's similar
crane still exists in Jamestown at the California State Railroad Museum's
Railtown 1897state park. Kyle Wyatt, Curator for the CSRM, gave me the info
on that crane along with some photos and it looks, at first glace, very
similar. I plan to go up there and measure it if AH&D doesn't come

Jack Burgess

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