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Some of this is true, however...

Some time back a question arose pertaining to the paint that DuPont used on Railway Express Agency cars during the 50's. I inquired with DuPont and after a few days received a reply. She gave me the formula numbers for the records they still had on file (three I believe). She also stated any DuPont dealer could mix these according to formula and she supplied a list of dealers. The same question arose about some B&O colors. I again inquired and she sent formula numbers for the TWO colors they had remaining on file.

I think there is a willingness to help but in many cases that material just does not exist anymore. Alot depends on how they are approached and it helps if you can explain the need for the information.

Case in point...I was asked to supply a paint diagram to the B&O Museum (and this is way out of the scope of STMFC but using to make a point) for the Chessie GP38 #3802. EMD gave the OK saying they had no comntrol over drawings that age and no longer had any. I had an issue with CSX stating I needed a license agreement (which was free) and they asked for a copy for their records as they no longer had drawings either.

I too have sent an information request to AOL Crane (American Ohio Locomotive Crane) and will see what I get back.

Sorry about the off topic part.

Robert Federle
---- Jack Burgess <jack@...> wrote:

Or know where they are in an archive . . .
True....and it depends on whether the company responds to us hobbyists.
Twenty-five years ago, I asked Fairmont about the speeders owned by the YV
and then sent me a letter (remember those?) listing all of the speeders sold
to the YV along with model numbers and purchase dates. I envisioned someone
at Fairmont with a green visor and card index having all of this
information. Years later, I sent them a letter about a Fairmont weed burner
purchased by the YV and they sent me a large scale drawing of it. I doubt
that they would do that today....

Jack Burgess

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