Re: REPKD.Repacking Stm. era freight car trucks.

Bill Kelly

I'd like to make a couple of additions/changes.....

Bob Karig wrote:
From March 1, 1929 through 1932, Rule 66 stated journal
boxes should be repacked "after the expiration of twelve months,"
I have no information prior to 1932 but the 1932 Code of Rules' rule
66(a) says " Periodic repacking of journal boxes, after the expirartion
of fifteen months, as indicated by the stenciling on car, regardless of
the responsibility of handling company for change of wheels or other
repairs. After the expiration of twelve months, if car is on repair track
for other work, journal boxes may be repacked at same time."

from 1933 through 1955, the interval was fifteen months. In 1956, the
interval was
extended to eighteen months, >snip<

I have a lack of information between 1933 and 1944 but some time prior to
January 1944 rule 66(a) was changed and the twelve month interval was
increased to fourteen months. Rule 66(a) was changed again in the 1951
Code of Rules and the intervals became twelve months and eleven months.
With the 1953 Code rule 66(a) was again changed, now the intervals are
back to fifteen months and fourteen months. The change to eighteen month
and seventeen month intervals came with the 1955 Code of Rules.

Thanks for the repacking info, for such a small detail a lot of time can
be consumed getting it 100% right. I try for believable.

Bill Kelly

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