Sunshine and Oklahoma City Show Dec. 1st

Jim Ogden

Hi Group,

Last year Martin Lofton was unable to attend the Oklahoma City Train
Meet due to ice storms closing the roads in southwest Missouri. The
sponsors of the show have evidently moved vendors who bought tables
in 2006 but were unable to attend to the end of the line in
reservations for 2007. This policy did not target Martin
specificially and has been in place for a number of years; however,
it has effectively banned several specialty dealers from the show
who cater to our contingent. I cannot rationalize driving to OKC
just to see cardboard beer trays of early eighties Tyco and Bachmann
detritus which only appeals to patch-clad goonies and knuckle
dragging whistlin' blue stripers.

I do understand they have a waiting list should the replacment cadre
of candle and beanie baby vendors cancel at the last minute and was
hoping Martin and a couple of other vendors were able to squeeze
in. (I already know he won't have the MoPac 36' merchandise car).

Has anyone heard of him being able to attend at the last minute? I
may escape this weekend after all but am very unimpressed with the
list of exhibitors.

Jim Ogden

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