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In the Santa Fe Painting and Lettering Guide there is a picture on
page 44 of waycar 2166 with an unusual ladder
configuration...they are
the left hand side of the car ends. Was this the only waycar so
configured and what was the reason for this configuration?
I hadn't noticed this until you pointed it out. It wasn't the only way
car with this arrangement; there are also photos of ATSF 2128 with the
ladders to the left of center, and there may have been a few others.
But Santa Fe standard practice was to have the end ladders to the right
of center on both wood and steel way cars, as is amply evident from the
photos in both Ellington's and Priest's books on Santa Fe way cars, and
I know of no explanation for the ladders on 2166 and 2128 being

Richard Hendrickson

Rick Dietrichson

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