Re: applying two-layer decals

George Hollwedel

I did 50+ N Scale cars using Speedwitch Media two color SP heralds with Micro-Set and Micro-Sol and never had that problem. I may have waited 24 hours between applications but would not have hesitated to try after 12 hours. I can only think you had an anomaly.

George Hollwedel

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...> wrote:
Mark Pierce wrote:
. . . After 12 hours, I applied the white Southern Pacific Lines
lettering. The black circle then lifted, so I couldn't make adjustments
between the two decals. Fortunately, there was a 97% alignment, so no
harm unless one has perfect vision . . .

Mark, if you look at photos, this was not uncommon. You may have
achieved superior realism on this emblem!

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