Re: Car Movement Database

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Jeff English writes:

Since I'm not sure if this list is being kept secret from the FCL,
Guys, given part of the stated objective of this list...."Emphasis is to be
placed on the study of the prototype with a goal of producing models of them
with as great a degree of accuracy as possible", I see no reason why anyone
on the FCL [ as I am ] should be upset or concerned with the existence of
this group. In fact, it may reduce conflicts that might arise on the FCL due
to posters [ I am not aware that posters on the FCL have any requirement
that FCL discussions relate to modeling with the intent to be as accurate as
possible { that, BTW, doesn't imply great accuracy...just an ATTEMPT to
achieve accuracy }] having different objectives. Therefore, secrecy is not a least as far as I am concerned. This group is likewise not meant
to insult or demean the FCL in any way.

Mike Brock
STMFC moderator

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