Hands On Clinic at Cocoa Beach 2008

Greg Martin

Hey Yuze Gize,

It is that time of year that we announce the Hands on Clinic (aka Shake 'n Take) for the Prototype Modelers Meet in Cocoa Beach, Fl in January. We will be taking reservations and as in the past there is a limited amount of spots available. We will be filling spots as quickly as we can and as we have in the past reserving 5 spots for those that are Internet challenged and walk in at the meet. We?have filled the?first?six spots. Remember, there is no additional cost to you, you?simply have to be there and signed up prior as spots are very limited. ?

The project this year will be of a Pennsy 50-foot class X45 all welded boxcar.?The car was certainly not the PRR's first 50-foot all welded boxcar, it was?built in 1951-52 at the PRR's Altoona Car Shops?and delivered in the classic PRR Circle/Ball?Keystone apint sceheme?and lasted in revenue service well into Penn Central. As usual?I will be presenting the subject by Power Point and the kit will be?limited to only those present. So, if you miss the presentation you may look for it later in 2008 as an article in The Keystone Modeler.?There will be a very limited amount of paper hand-outs as well, perhaps five. The past events have always been full with some standing room as available (for viewing).

So, if you?are planning on attending we would like you?to contact Mike Brock (off-line) FIRST?at brockm@...?and please "cc" myself at tgregmrtn@... to insure you have been considered. Again, there are only enough kits for those at the?presentation, first come first serve... ?

1.) Denny Anspach

2.) Mont Switzer?

3.) John Greedy

4.) Jim Singer

5.) Armand Premo
6.) Clark Propst

Again, ~off line~ contact Mike and myself as soon as possible. Cancelations will be filled as well, first come first serve...

Thanks Gize,

Greg Martin

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