Re: USRA Dwg. No. Scheme

Roger Hinman <rhinman@...>

I didn't go through all the Std Steel drawings in Harrisburg but I do
show the following from the box car list

42649 for a DS boxcar to the USG in 1919
42450 for a SS boxcar to the USG in 1919

I presume these are both USRA cars; don't know if this helps or not
but it might get you in the number range

Roger Hinman

On Dec 4, 2007, at 10:01 AM, Ted Anderson wrote:

I am beginning to look into the rolls of US Standard original drawings
at the IRM Pullman Library for the 1917-1919 era. Can anyone tell me
there is a listing of USRA drawing numbers somewhere? That could save
me a lot of time in going through the drawings, which include both
domestic and export freight and passenger cars. Seeing the posts on
Carmer uncoupling reminded me to ask, which I happened to see on a
Haskell & Barker drawing this week in working on a request. Always
trying to work on these listings as time allows- Ted Anderson.

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