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Dean Payne

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Denny Anspach wrote:

The Sunshine kit of this car makes a truly nice
model, but a do wish that a more economical styrene
kit would become available so that the Milwaukee
modeler can more easily build up a credible fleet.
Short of using the Sunshine kit, does anyone have recommendations
for> a more economical (i.e. a simple styrene kit) to serve as a
"stand-in"> or "close enough" model for these cars?

Mark Mathu
Funny you should ask, I just sent an email off-line to Ray Breyer
about this. I'm doing a kitbash of an MDC 50-foot double-door SS car
I heard of from the NEB&W site:
" The 50 foot cars can be cut down to approximately 40 feet (okay,
the panels are 4-1/2 feet long, so you can only cut out 9 feet). I
first cut the kit into flat parts. This photo shows an original side
above and the two panels removed to make it 40 feet, from an 11 panel
50 foot car to a 9 panel 40 footer."
It goes on to list the proper series for end-door and non-end door
cars, as well as mentioning the similar C&EI cars.
I decided a better way to cut the car apart is to remove the roof,
leaving the sides and ends attached. We'll see how well I get the
sides to go back together! However, the overall look is pretty close,
but to do it right you have to replace the ladders with drop grabs.
Actually, since they are ladder grabs on the ends, you only need to
carve off the rungs, which is surprisingly do-able. Oh, Ray saved my
bacon by mentioning that when you cut out the 2nd panel on the side,
make sure you are cutting on the proper side of the brace. You need
to cut off the first brace, which has the rivets facing the wrong
direction for this car.
If anybody is interested, contact me off-line for more info. This is
definitely a kitbash, not a simple kit. So, a fleet of them is easier
on your pocketbook than one of Sunshine kits, but much more time
consuming than Accurail kits. However, the kitbash has the advantage
of being distinctive (round roof, double door SS car, end door...) and
represents a sizable portion of the Milw fleet. Now, if I could only
figure out how to shorten it by a foot without hacking it into a dozen
Dean Payne

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