Re: Milw Road SS box cars...

Dean Payne

No, I didn't quite miss the point, I guess I just kind of went off on
a slight tangent, which I tend to do. I was aware that the cars being
discussed are single door cars, but I think the double door cars make
a more interesting choice for modeling "Milw Road SS box cars" (the
title of this thread).
Perhaps I should have preface my post with "...another interesting
choice for inexpensive Milwaukee SS box cars would be the kibash blah
blah blah..." Ersatz Sunshine cars they are not.
Sorry I threw you a screwball. Consider the source!
Dean Payne

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Dean Payne wrote, in part:
"Funny you should ask, I just sent an email off-line to Ray Breyer
about this. I'm doing a kitbash of an MDC 50-foot double-door SS car
I heard of from the NEB&W site:
'The 50 foot cars can be cut down to approximately 40 feet (okay,
the panels are 4-1/2 feet long, so you can only cut out 9 feet). I
first cut the kit into flat parts. This photo shows an original side
above and the two panels removed to make it 40 feet, from an 11 panel
50 foot car to a 9 panel 40 footer.'"

Dean, you totally missed the point. The kitbash you described is for
the 1-1/2 door automobile boxcars. These are the cars being discussed:

Ben Hom

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