Re: Hands On Clinic at Cocoa Beach 2008

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

Um Mike, year one was a 40' KCS car. I have one sitting nearby, actually

Brian J Carlson P.E. (Who can't attend Cocoa, cause he spent too much in
Cheektowaga NY

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Tony Thompson notes about the non-Pennsy cars in the first two hands on
clinics at Prototype Rails:

Um, the only two, actually; and that was my point--I guess it's
"two and out." <g>

Yeah...but out of every three frt cars, one was a Pennsy car. <G>. At
it seems like it. One thing to remember though. If we ever get to 40
cars...the mind boggles at the least ONE must be a Northern
Pacific box order to satisfy Brock's Fifth rule of frt cars [ or
was it the Sixth? ].

"There shall be at least one NP box car in every merchandise consist frt
train [ non coal, tank car or reefer drag ]".

Mike Brock

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